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Silly Ratings

WARNING:This is a rating community. If you join this community, then you are willingly asked to be rated by the accepted members. If you can't take it: get out, don't join, etc.

And now, for something a little different:

I created this community as an alternative to the other more superficial ones out there (not that they are all like that). A lot of communities go on pictures alone and that is lame. So, here we are rating on personality, ability to be creative and life experience. A picture is required but only so we can get more of an idea of who you are; your personality can come out in your looks. So, if you don't fit in to one of the pre-existing communities, try here! I love to meet new and different people. I plan to have many different people as members, not just the same old pretty, egotistical, unfriendly bunch that seem to populate most other communities.

Ok, so the rules are:

1) Don't flame the members. You do and you get an automatic ban. (Definitely don't fuck with the mods.)
2) Answer the questions. Don't try to be too cute or too passive. Just the facts please.
3) Only members can vote.
4) Please have fun and remember that you are being judged only on a short answer form. We don't really know you. Don't take it to heart. This is totally for fun.
5) NO MORE THAT 4-5 PICTURES! Make sure they are good. Don't post all photoshopped pictures. Just make sure that we can see you for the most part. No nudity . . . otherwise you will be banned! I don't need LJ Abuse shutting this place down.
6) Use the GOD DAMNED LJ-CUT! If you don't know how, go here!


8) Rejected memebers are encouraged to apply again a week later if still interested.

Member Rules:

1) Don't be overly mean to the applicants unless they totally deserve it. No "ew" or "hell no" etc. Yes or no (in bold) is what you need to say, although you are allowed to comment on what you did or did not like. Just don't make it so the person is going to kill themselves.

2) Get along with each other. If at any point two members are fighting, each member will be put up in a "yay" and "nay" vote and who ever has the most "nays" is OUT. The person may reapply 1 week later.
3) Be active.

The Application:

Favorite Activities:
Career Goals:
Favorite Book/Current Read- Do you like yes/no,
why? etc:
Favorite type of music:
ALL-TIME favorite band:
Favorite movie:
Tv show?:
Favorite Food:
Do you like AOL:
If you could be alive during any time period, which one would it be:
If you could change one thing that has happened to you what would it be:
What do you think about religion:
Silliest moment:
If you could be any vegetable what would you be? And why?:
*Does anarchy really rule:
Cats or Dogs:
If you weren't doing this application right now, what would you be doing:
5 words to describe yourself:
2 words to describe toliet paper:
2 very interesting facts about you:

You can view our stamps HERE

Owner/Mod: littlestars
Mod: brokensunrise

Accepted Members:
tinydancer3 - Stamped here.
anoncow - Stamped here.
conjunction - Stamped here.
fillyourlungsup - Stamped here.
minikick - Stamped here.
astacia - Stamped here.
cathartomatic - Stamped here.
spiritedrinoa - Stamped here.
cathartomatic - Stamped here.
wabuki - Stamped here.
musikurt - Stamped here.
fattyluvzfood - Stamped here.
sweetsanity Stamped here.
moonlitfae Stamped here.
pompomprincess Stamped here.
saratran Stamped here.
live_for_sammy Stamped here.
felis_sly - Stamped here.
betsydollscream - Stamped here.
deadmeadow - Stamped here.